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72 Inch Snowplow
BXpanded Quick-On Snowplow Standard Grey

72 Inch Snowplow

Price: $1,075.00
Part Number:SP72
  • Current Lead Time:3-5 Business Days

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BXpanded 72 Inch Quick-On Snow Plow and Front Blade

Attaches to your Front Loader bucket in seconds with no tools! No drilling, etc. required!  

Advantages of this system:
  • Fits almost any loader.
  • Installs in seconds with no modifications to your tractor or loader.
  • Installs with no tools.
  • Allows your loader to remain on the tractor and available for use in about 15 seconds.
  • Blade floats independent of the loader bucket.
  • The loader can apply down pressure if needed for removal of packed snow or ice.
  • The angle of attack of the blade can be changed by manipulation of the loader bucket.
  • Can be offset approximately 8 inches to either side to allow snow to be pushed farther off the road.
  • Ships UPS or FedEx Ground right to your door eliminating the hassle and high cost of Motor Freight.


  • The blade is 72" wide, approximately 21" high.
  • The blade angles 0, 15 or 30 degrees left or right.
  • The moldboard is sturdy steel and is equipped with trip springs and a replaceable edge.
  • Cutting edge is replaceable and is made from heavy 3/8" thick steel.
  • Heavy duty cast skid shoes are available.
  • Standard color is Charcoal Gray. Orange, Red, Blue or Yellow Blades are available.
  • Wheeled Storage Dolly (cart) is available to make storage and installation a breeze.     

Pricing: Standard blade complete with mounting system, 3/8" steel cutting edge, and all hardware: $1075.  Skid shoe mounts and heavy duty cast skid shoes: $89.  Optional color: Orange, Red, Blue or Yellow: $50.

Note to International Customers:  Please contact us for shipping costs.  Email [email protected] or phone 865-671-0083
5 Stars
I bought a competitive blade 3 years ago and it was junk. Just bought the Bxpanded blade for my B2920 and its quality is head and shoulders above the other blade. I can't wait for the snow!
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Reviewed by:  from . on 11/25/2015
5 Stars
Got the plow delivered by UPS last week. Assembly and adjusting height of skids outside with snow on ground and about 10 degrees took less than 20 minutes. Yesterday mounted blade on bucket of my BX 25D in less than two minutes and plowed my quarter mile long driveway. This is a must have option. So much better than plowing my driveway with my bucket. Nice thing is you really can remove the blade in about 15 seconds, use the front loader bucket to move piles etc, then reinstall blade in just 15 seconds, and resume plowing. I really lke this blade. High quality product, welds are nice, clean paint.....5 star product
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Reviewed by:  from Frankfort , Maine. on 2/2/2017
5 Stars
72" blade
I got it put together in an hour or so, and it installs on the bucket in less than a minute. I missed most of the snow this winter by the time I finally ordered the blade, but I got to use it on about 8" of wet, heavy snow. No problems whatsoever, and after clearing my driveway, I did the cul de sac at the end just for fun. The blade appears very well-made, and the removable cutting blade is a great idea for long-term use. I couldn't be more pleased. I just wish I'd pulled the trigger on it earlier in the year.
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Reviewed by:  from North Bend. on 3/15/2017
5 Stars
I purchased this blade for my BX2360. After using it I discovered that I should have bought it a long time ago. This thing is great! I use it to clear a 900 ft gravel drive and a concrete pad and it works great on both. My time clearing snow is now cut in half using this blade. Shipping was vey fast and getting it set up the first time was no problem.&return&&newline&Thank You!&return&&newline&Hans
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Reviewed by:  from . on 2/11/2014
5 Stars
Fast plow
Have had a long gravel driveway anf had been clearing snow with a 60" rear mount blower but it was slow work. I got the 72" plow and what a world of difference. 3 times faster than the blower and does a better job. I orginally did not order the shoes, but you need them so had to get them later. I have now concreted my whole driveway and am really looking forward to the snow coming. Great plow.
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Reviewed by:  from Stonewall, MB. on 10/4/2017
5 Stars
I bought this blade for my B3200. Assembly and installation was a snap. Just used it on the first real snow this year and it performed flawlessly. Wish I had this setup when I lived in Pennsylvania!
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Reviewed by:  from . on 2/18/2015
5 Stars
After 10 years of plowing with a 5' grader blade on the back, I got the 6' plow for the front. We get a lot of snow, but it usually comes only a few inches at a time for 6 months. We have had 3 snow storms with a foot or more snow this winter so far! My BX2230 is handling it just fine. Glad I got the bigger plow. Our snow is dry and light, if it was wet heavy snow it would probably be too much.
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Reviewed by:  from Fairbanks, Alaska. on 1/20/2017
4 Stars
Just recieved my snowplow today. Finished assembly and it looks very well built and heavy duty enuogh to take some punishment. Its quick and easy to attatch. The assembly instructions could have been a little bit better but were ok. A couple of bolts were missing to the scraper blade because they were put in a thin ziplock sandwich bag and taped to the box which UPS probably had ripped open before they got out of their parking lot. Could have easily put them into the box with the rest of the plow hardware.
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Reviewed by:  from Hubbardton,vt. on 11/4/2017
5 Stars
Great Plow
First Ordered the 60 inch Plow, but I own a Kubota L2501, so I emailed them I wanted the 72 Inch Plow instead. They called me via Cellphone the next day and switched the order. Very pleasant to talk to . They make the plows to order I guess and I waited about two weeks for it to arrive. My order was delivered in very good packaging and was in very good shape. I used it today, we had about 6 inches of "wet" and "heavy" snow last night. The first snow fall of the season. It was easy to assemble and attach to my Tractor's Bucket. It plowed snow like a "champ." It seems very well built. It operated just as good as my "Boss" Plow on my Chevy truck. I highly recommend this product to anyone who owns a tractor with a FEL. It is my "back up" when my Son borrows the Truck's Plow to clear his property. We can get up to 14 inches of snow in a Season, so I will definitely be putting it to the test. Thanks Bxpanded, well done.
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Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 11/16/2018
5 Stars
This Plow is Perfect
Bought the 72" version in October of 2018. Have used it to plow all winter, mounted on my 35hp 02' Kioti 4WD tractor. Plow is exactly as advertised and works great. Have had lots of snow in VT this year, starting in November. It's the first week of March now, and we're still getting significant snowfall. Have 500 feet of driveway, plus a large parking lot by my house that holds a dozen cars. In the past, I used an 700cc ATV with 50" plow to clear my driveway. Worked "okay," but took a lot of time. This new set-up does a better job and has cut plowing time in half. Lots of "Pros" here: High quality, well built, rugged, simple to use/adjust. Like how plow floats in front of bucket/follows ground contour. Like ability to install/remove plow quickly, by myself, with no tools required. Like that I can mount the plow off-center in my bucket, which extends it 18" past the side of the bucket and lets me wing back the snow banks when they get too high. I assembled the plow by myself in about 45 minutes. This plow would be a bargain if it cost half again the selling price.
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Reviewed by:  from Springfield, VT. on 3/5/2019
5 Stars
Great plow
This is fast becoming my favorite attachment to my Kubota. It is very well made and a cinch to attach to my tractor. I plowed about 3" of slush and this plow did a great job. I looked at other plows that used a strap to secure it to the bucket. I think the chain binder that secures the plow to the front bucket is the only way to secure it! I wish I had bought it years ago.
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Reviewed by:  from NH. on 1/3/2019
5 Stars
Worth the investment
This is absolutely the best snowplow I've ever bought, put it together 15 minutes what a nice piece of equipment to add to my collection. This is where made in the USA means Somethin. Aside from the lousy UPS service the folks at BXPanded. Went above and beyond to make sure I received my order. I would especially like to thank jini for her kindness and understanding, with her cooler heads prevail attitude. I will be doing more business with these people.
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Reviewed by:  from Westfield. on 8/26/2020
5 Stars
Great Snow Plow
I have been able to use my plow a couple times this year and it has been quite a a time saver. I would buy again!
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Reviewed by:  from Louisa. on 2/23/2021
5 Stars
Great plow
We just had a major storm here and ended up with 22 inches of snow and this was my first time to really use the plow (1 other 3 inch plowable event before this one). I was very impressed with how the plow worked, how easy it was to angle even when packed with snow and what a great job it did. Like all the other reviews mention, the folks at BXPanded are a pleasure to work with. I didn't realize how nice the down pressure would be until I started back blading the garage area. What a difference! Also, stacking snow is a piece of cake with this thing. The BX tractor is more capable than it looks and this easy on easy off plow is the way to go. Seems to be very heavy duty and well made. Don't wait, get one of these and you'll be glad you did!
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Reviewed by:  from Rhode Island. on 1/31/2022
5 Stars
Awesome Plow- get the 72 inch
This plow was a great purchase! I have owned it for about 3 years now, so at least 2 winters. I highly recommend it! I have a Kubota BX2680, and I have no problem pushing snow 6 inches or more with this plow. I haven't needed counterweights on the back of my tractor yet either. Just put it into 4 wheel drive and go. I also bought the dolly, but wish I hadn't. Unless you have tons of open floor space in a workshop, it's kind of a waste. I just store my plow outside on a pallet to keep it off the ground so it doesn't rust. I periodically clean off leaves and it is otherwise fine. I also bought the skid shoes, which I have mixed feelings about. I think they help weigh the plow down, but they probably aren't necessary. You can just tilt your bucket a little and it will keep the blade from digging in. It takes a little bit to get used to but works great. I bought the 72 inch blade, which is better because if you put the plow on an angle, you still don't drive over the snow. The 60 inch is too narrow in my opinion. Also, pay the $50 bucks to get the right color for your tractor. It's a little frivolous but give the plow an extra coat of paint for longevity and looks sharp. I also like that I can unattach and still use the bucket for scooping snow or loading firewood in between plowing sessions. Great work BXPanded!
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Reviewed by:  from York, PA. on 1/6/2024

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