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Back Hoe Ripper John Deere JD 260, 260B, 270A, 270B, 370B Backhoe
Back Hoe Ripper John Deere JD260, JD270 Backhoe

Back Hoe Ripper John Deere JD 260, 260B, 270A, 270B, 370B Backhoe

Price: $285.00
Part Number:JD260RT
  • Current Lead Time:Approximately 4-6 Weeks
BXpanded Talon BH RIPPER For JD 260, 260B, 270A, 270B and 370B Backhoes

Any back hoe ripper can pull up a stick or a rock. Not all can tear through roots and hard packed surfaces like the BXpanded Talon Ripper. Its tapered, toothed edge and strategically curved shape give an aggressive tearing surface other BH rippers can’t match.  It incorporates a "Hook" on the back side to allow you to push as well as pull that stubborn stump.

Easily installs using the standard bucket mounting pins, fits JD260, 260B, 270A, 270B and 370B backhoes. It's also fully compatible with our Quick-On BH Bucket Connector for even quicker changes.  Connector sold seperately.

It’s built with US made steel, with all the strength you’ll need to use every bit of the power of your machine. It’s TOUGH! Just like the job you have to do!

The Talon comes in great looking hammered silver finish that compliments any color. It’s fully welded construction requires no assembly, and takes less than 5 minutes to install with no modifications to your tractor.
5 Stars
Does the job!
When you have a small backhoe you know it's only capable of so much. I bought this to dig out a few stumps. With just the bucket you are moving a lot of dirt and making a big hole, but with this, no big hole. You can stay close to the stump, and when you hit the big roots that the tractor doesn't have enough umph to rip through, that's where the design of this comes in. With its saw like teeth and the sharp point on the end you can cut your way through. And when paired with the thumb this thing is perfect.
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Reviewed by:  from Manheim,Pa. on 5/6/2017
5 Stars
Great Purchase
I bought this Talon Ripper to mount on my new 1025R TLB to take out stumps in an area of ash trees I am taking down. I read positive reviews on this site and on different forums and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! It cuts through roots with ease and unlike a bucket, it creates very little collateral damage. It also “saws” through thicker roots that are more challenging. I couldn’t imagine doing the job without this attachment!
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Reviewed by:  from Johnstown, OH. on 4/4/2018
5 Stars
verified purchaser
I bought this attachment to replace the bucket on a JD260 Backhoe. The tooth allows the backhoe to cut roots and remove stumps far better than the bucket. Since the hoe can only apply so much force, its only logical that the force applied to just the tooth, rather than a 12" bucket face will be far greater for prying and cutting stumps roots, and vegetation. It works well, its rugged, and I am very satisfied with the purchase.
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Reviewed by:  from Huntsville, AL. on 3/17/2018
5 Stars
Better than advertised
I really can rave enough about this ripper, I was built heavier than I thought it would be..cuts through roots like butter
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Reviewed by:  from Laura. on 5/31/2018
5 Stars
This is a great addition to my little 1025R TLB! I have used it a bunch on roots and stumps and it works great for that purpose. I recently gave it a torture test for some demo work when my sledge hammer just wasn’t getting the job done. The ripper held up impressively well doing a task far beyond what it was designed to do. It made quick work out of demolishing a brick and masonry stair!
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Reviewed by:  from Freeport Maine. on 12/5/2018
5 Stars
This is the first review I've ever written, but I really felt the need to sit down and do it. If you're like me you research for DAYS and read every review, and watch every video on an attachment before you buy one. I had about 40 trees taken down, and I started pulling stumps with my Deere 1025r backhoe. I finally got sick of the giant holes and amount of time it was taking so i pulled the trigger on this claw. It does EVERYTHING it should. It rips through roots until I can move the stump about an inch. Then I hook the stump up to a larger tree with a steel cable and 4 pulleys. My litte 25 HP Deers pulling out 24" stumps that are about 6' in diameter once pulled. For smaller (under 8" diameter) stumps, this ripper just pops them out of the ground in 2 minutes or less. Can't tell you how much I love having this thing around.
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Reviewed by:  from Mass. on 4/25/2019
5 Stars
I have ripped >50 stumps so far 4" to 8" fresh cut stumps and two 15-Year old 20" stumps. I am seeing some wear and bending :[. See attached For the overall utility and price this Ripper is pretty Freakin' awesome :)
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Reviewed by:  from Merrimack. on 6/7/2019

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