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Quick-On Back Hoe Bucket Connector Massey Ferguson CB65, CB75, CB85, BH2720

Price: $339.00
Part Number:BHCMFCB65
  • Current Lead Time:Approximately 4-6 Weeks

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Number of Attachment Pins w/ Retaining Cap & Bolt:
Quick Change Pin
1 Quick Change Pin Included
BXpanded Quick-On Bucket Connector for Massey Ferguson CB65, CB75, CB85, BH2720

The BXpanded Quick-On Bucket Connector is designed for quick changes of buckets and back hoe attachments.  The Quick-On Connector accommodates the standard Massey Ferguson buckets as well as other BXpanded attachments such as the Talon Ripper, the Trenching Bucket and the BH Mounted Hitch Style Receiver.  The connector allows the attachment to be removed or installed in seconds with no tools. 

The BHCMFCB65 works with Massey Ferguson CB65, CB75, CB85, BH2720 backhoes.

The Quick-On Connector attaches to the back hoe with the original pins.  One of the supplied pins is installed permanently in each attachment or bucket.  One permanent pin is required for each attachment.  The "no additional pins" option includes a pin for the original bucket with the retaining cap and bolt, a pin for 1 other attachment with retaining cap and bolt, and the quick change pin with linchpin.  Extra attachment pins may be purchased with the connector for more attachments.

PLEASE NOTE:  We cannot assure that attachments manufactured by others will be compatible with the BXpanded Quick-On Bucket Connector.

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