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Barracuda Back Hoe Thumb LS LB1104 and LB1107
Backhoe Thumb LS LB1104 and LB1107

Barracuda Back Hoe Thumb LS LB1104 and LB1107

Price: $399.00
Part Number:LSBHT47
  • Current Lead Time:Approximately 3 Weeks

BXpanded Barracuda Thumb for LS Back Hoes

Introducing the BXpanded Barracuda Thumb for LS Backhoes – Your Ultimate Backhoe Upgrade

Experience the next level of gripping performance with the BXpanded Barracuda Thumb, designed specifically for the LS LB1104 and LB1107 and NH 905GBL back hoes. This remarkable attachment sets a new standard in backhoe thumb functionality and versatility. Whether you're lifting heavy logs or gripping uneven rocks the Barracuda Thumb excels where others fall short.

What sets the Barracuda Thumb apart? Its toothed edges, ingeniously curved jaws, and precise closing gap create an aggressive grip that outperforms other backhoe thumbs. It doesn't just pick up sticks or rocks; it grabs and securely holds them, ensuring your work is done efficiently and effectively.

Adjusting the thumb to your preferred working position is a breeze, thanks to the telescoping adjustment feature. No need for tools or extra parts – you can switch from stowed to various working positions in seconds, enhancing your productivity on the job.

Safety is paramount, and the Barracuda Thumb is engineered with that in mind. It utilizes the dipper stick's taper and clamping force on the sides to prevent slipping, safeguarding your hydraulic lines and cylinders from potential damage.  One of the many benefits of purchasing a product specifically designed to fit the listed backhoe models.

Crafted from premium, 3/8" thick US-made steel, this attachment is built to withstand the demands of your machine's power. It's tough, just like the tasks you tackle every day.

Not only is the Barracuda Thumb rugged, but it also boasts a sleek hammered silver finish that complements any color scheme. Plus, it arrives fully assembled, and installation is a breeze, taking less than 5 minutes using the included instructions – no modifications to your tractor required.

Compatible with all other BXpanded LS backhoe attachments and accessories as well as LS factory buckets, the Barracuda Thumb is the ultimate addition to your equipment arsenal. Elevate your performance and conquer your job with confidence.

Compatible with LS LB1104, LS LB1107, and New Holland 905GBL back hoes.

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