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6 Inch Trencher Bucket for LS Tractors
Trencher Bucket for LS Backhoe

6 Inch Trencher Bucket for LS Tractors

Price: $359.00
Part Number:LSNB6
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BXpanded 6 Inch Narrow Trenching Bucket LS Backhoes

Say goodbye to the unnecessary hassle of digging wide trenches for small utility and drainage pipes. The BXpanded Trenching Bucket is your specialized tool for creating narrow, precise trenches with ease. With a slim 6-inch width, it's designed to optimize your digging efficiency while conserving valuable space. No more excavating a massive 12-inch ditch for a simple 2-inch pipe – our narrow trenching bucket streamlines your projects and saves you time.

Crafted from rugged, all-welded steel, this trenching bucket is built to last, ensuring durability and longevity in your heavy-duty tasks. Its ingenious design features cutaway sides, facilitating effortless material disposal during excavation, so you can work efficiently without interruptions.

What sets our trenching bucket apart is its innovative reversible edge. One side boasts teeth for superior digging and grip, while the other side offers a smooth edge for finesse and precision. You have the flexibility to adapt it to your project's unique requirements effortlessly – simply unbolt and flip it to match your bucket's configuration.  Additionally, the design of the bucket allows it to be reversed (facing away from the tractor) for digging up against foundation walls and hard to reach areas.  It can be reversed with or without the Quick on Bucket Connector. 

The BXpanded 6 Inch Narrow Trenching Bucket seamlessly installs on a range of LS backhoes on compact and subcompact tractors in place of the factory bucket.

To make your work even more efficient, consider pairing it with the BXpanded Quick-On BH Bucket Connector (available separately). This connector enables lightning-fast attachment changes without the need for any tools, putting you in full control of your operations.

In summary, the BXpanded 6 Inch Narrow Trenching Bucket is your ticket to precision excavation, work-saving design, and unmatched versatility. Experience a new level of efficiency and convenience on the job.

Comes in hammered silver finish.  

LB1100 Series includes:  LS BH models LB1100, LB1104, LB1105, LB1106, LB1107, as well as New Holland 905GBL
LB1300 Series includes: LS BH models LB1300
LB2100 Series includes: LS BH models LB2100, LB2103, LB2104, LB2105, LB2106
LB3000 Series includes: LS BH models LB3001 and LB3002
LB3100 Series includes: LS BH models LB3101, LB3102, LB3103, LB3104

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