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Back Hoe Ripper for LS Tractors
Backhoe Ripper LS Backhoe

Back Hoe Ripper for LS Tractors

Price: $309.00
Part Number:LSRT
  • Current Lead Time:Approximately 2 Weeks

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Backhoe Series
Unleash the Beast: The BXpanded Talon Ripper for LS Backhoes

Transform your backhoe into a relentless root-shredding powerhouse with the BXpanded Talon Ripper. Engineered for the unforgiving, our ripper is not just any attachment; it’s the key to mastering the harshest environments with ease.

Unmatched Penetration and Power
The Talon Ripper doesn't just scrape the surface; it delves into the core of the toughest terrains. With its uniquely tapered and toothed edge, this tool is precision-crafted to slice through sinewy roots and compacted earth like butter. Its aggressive, strategically curved shape is the secret weapon that outperforms any other backhoe ripper in the market.

Dual-Action Design
Our ingenious “Hook” feature on the reverse transforms your approach to obstacle removal. Now, with a simple switch of direction, your backhoe can push as well as pull, helping you evict stubborn stumps and underground obstructions with unprecedented ease.

Effortless Compatibility and Installation
The Talon Ripper seamlessly conforms to your work routine. Built specifically for LS backhoes, it attaches effortlessly using the standard bucket mounting pins. Plus, it pairs perfectly with our Quick-On BH Bucket Connector, sold separately, for rapid changes that keep you in the flow of work.

American-Made Strength
Constructed with premium, US-sourced steel, the Talon Ripper is an embodiment of durability. It's forged to leverage every ounce of your backhoe's power, standing up to the toughest jobs without flinching.

Ready to Rip in Minutes
With fully welded construction, the Talon Ripper arrives ready to conquer. There’s no need for assembly—installation is a breeze, taking less than five minutes without any modifications to your tractor.

Choose the BXpanded Talon Ripper: Where strength meets sophistication, and durability meets design. Equip your machine with the Talon Ripper and turn daunting tasks into done deals.

Comes in hammered silver finish.  

LB1100 Series includes:  LS BH models LB1100, LB1104, LB1105, LB1106, LB1107, as well as New Holland 905GBL
LB1300 Series includes: LS BH models LB1300
LB2100 Series includes: LS BH models LB2100, LB2103, LB2104, LB2105, LB2106
LB3000 Series includes: LS BH models LB3001 and LB3002
LB3100 Series includes: LS BH models LB3101, LB3102, LB3103, LB3104

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