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Barracuda Factory Mount Back Hoe Thumb Mahindra 26B Back Hoe
BXpanded Barracuda Back Hoe Thumb for Mahindra 26B

Barracuda Factory Mount Back Hoe Thumb Mahindra 26B Back Hoe

Price: $369.00
Part Number:MAH26BFMT
  • Current Lead Time:Approximately 5-6 Weeks

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BXpanded Barracuda Factory Mount Mechanical Backhoe Thumb for Mahindra 26B

Any back hoe thumb can pick up a stick or a rock. Not all can grab and hold like the BXpanded Barracuda Thumb. Its toothed edges, strategically curved jaws, and close closing gap give an aggressive grip other BH thumbs can’t match.

The telescoping adjustment has five positions allowing you to easily move the thumb from stowed to any of several working positions in seconds with no tools and no extra parts.

The Factory Mount Barracuda Thumb uses the upper thumb attachment point included on the 26B backhoe and a longer pin through the forward most hole in the backhoe bucket for attachment.  The pins and bolts are plated for corrosion resistance.  

It’s built with US made, 1/2” thick steel and heavy wall tubing, with all the strength you’ll need to use every bit of the power of your machine. It’s TOUGH! Just like the job you have to do!

The Factory Mount Barracuda comes in red or great looking hammered finish silver.  Installation takes less than 5 minutes with no modification to your tractor.  All necessary hardware is included.  

The 26B backhoe is available on the eMax S22, eMax S25, Max 24, and Max 26

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