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6 Inch Trencher Bucket Massey Ferguson CB65, CB75, CB85, BH2720

Price: $379.00
Part Number:MFCB65NB-6
  • Current Lead Time:Approximately 3 Weeks
BXpanded 6 Inch Narrow Trenching Bucket for Massey Ferguson CB65, CB75, CB85, BH2720

The BXpanded Trenching Bucket lets you dig a narrow trench for utility and drainage installation.  No need to dig a 16" ditch for a 4" pipe.  The 6" wide Trenching Bucket has cutaway sides to help with dumping excavated material.  Sturdy all welded steel.  It has a unique reversible 1/2" thick edge with teeth on one side and smooth edge on the other side. Unbolt and flip it to match your bucket to your project.  Installs easily on the Massey Ferguson CB65, CB75, CB85 and BH2720 back hoes.

Fully compatible with the BXpanded Quick-On BH Bucket Connector (sold separately) that allows attachment changes in seconds with no tools.

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