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Wide Ditching and Grading Bucket for John Deere Backhoes

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Part Number:JD260WB
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BXpanded Wide Ditching and Grading Bucket for John Deere 260, 260B, 270A, 270B, and 370B Backhoes

Enhance your backhoe's capabilities with the BXpanded Wide Ditching and Grading Bucket, an indispensable tool expertly crafted to augment the versatility and productivity of your backhoe. This robust and durable bucket, made in the USA, is tailored for a range of tasks including cleaning and opening ditches, precise grading, leveling, and the efficient movement of substantial volumes of material.


Enhanced Features:


Customizable Width Options: Choose from a variety of widths (16, 24, 30, and 36 inches) to perfectly align with your specific project requirements. For unique needs, we offer customized solutions – simply contact us for widths tailored to your job.

Superior Construction Quality: Constructed with precision, our buckets boast a fully welded, heavy-duty design. Crafted with ½” thick reversible edges, they provide versatility in application – switch between the edge with teeth for digging and smooth edge for grading.

Optimized for Precision Grading: With a flat bottom design, this bucket excels in grading and leveling tasks, ensuring a uniformly smooth surface on soil, sand, or gravel.

Effortless Compatibility: Designed for seamless attachment to John Deere back hoe models 260, 260B, 270A, 270B, and 370B, it replaces the factory bucket effortlessly. It's fully compatible with the BXpanded Quick On Backhoe Bucket Connector sold separately for fast, tool-free attachment changes.

Maximized Capacity: The large volume of the bucket significantly reduces the time and effort required to move materials, thereby enhancing job site productivity.

With its combination of American craftsmanship, adaptability, and rugged design, this Wide Ditching Bucket is a valuable addition to your backhoe, ensuring you achieve more with each scoop.

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